Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

Oak Electrical offer feasibility studies where an electrical or mechanical installation is being considered by a client wishing to explore the options available for a particular project as well as the related costs.

Our reports will detail the benefits and disadvantages of each of the options; including the design, layout, function, approvals, practicality and funding for each electrical and mechanical element.

We can work in conjunction with specialist manufacturers to comment upon the envisaged sustainability of proposed schemes, their impact upon a building’s carbon footprint and the likely life cycle costs for the anticipated lifespan of the installation.

Our feasibility reports are a very cost effective way to assess the value and benefit of a potential project before expending too much time and money on pursuing what may be the wrong option.

Our philosophy on electrical and mechanical design is quite simple; we encourage creative thought and innovation throughout the process, which in turn promotes improvements for environmental performance, life cycle cost and asset value.

Oak Electrical employ a team of high quality professionals, equipped with the right tools and technology that will deliver the most effective results, time and again.

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